The Skill of Drawing Is Crucial For Art And Design

Drawing is a basic skill that helps with a lot of other skills. Many other skills actually have a basis in drawing to the point where learning how to draw as best as possible is the key to success. Before you even step foot into certain college majors, you should develop your drawing skills. Drawing is a type of basic, lingua-franca skill of the art and design world. If you do not develop drawing skills, you are simply going to not the best at what you do. People who are in fields and study areas related to math and science frequently joke about poor drawing skills as they draw simple figures to represent concepts. To those types of people, it doesn’t matter However, in the art and design world, poor drawing skills won’t cut it. Here are some areas in which drawing skills come in handy:


Illustration is one of the most obvious, direct usages of drawing skills. It is when you
draw images with a variety of different media, including ink, paint, marker and whatever else. Illustrations are created in a variety of contexts, including books, newspapers and educational materials. Drawing skills create the most potential when it comes to expressing yourself through illustrations, making the points that you are trying to make and giving more variety to what you can provide clients with.

Screen Printing

This is something that might not come to people’s minds. However, screen-printing is actually a skill that benefits greatly from having good drawing skills. Being able to think of imagery and to draw from one’s mind helps when it comes to visualizing what a textile would look like with a print on it. It also helps in the physical creation of prints. People can actually draw their own prints and get their prints onto screens.

Anything Dealing With Creative Software

Sometimes, having drawing skills and an eye for imagery helps when you are using software for various creative purposes. For example, having drawing skills helps when you are color grading final cut pro x on a computer. Drawing skills especially help with software that directly has to do with drawing, while they also help with software that are a little more indirect. There are many features on various software that are well-operated by those who have good drawing skills.

Fashion Design

Again, being able to clearly imagine and draw something that you like is a skill when it comes to fashion design. Drawing what you have in your mind and planning things out makes up a step in the process. In design school, flat pattern design classes require you to submit a sketch of what you planned to make, a finished pattern of what you made, the plans for the pattern and the sewn up article of clothing. It helps immensely to have drawing skills to convey to everyone what you plan on making. If you can’t get what you have in mind out on paper, then you may not make garments that you like.

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